About Me!

First off…I’m very nervous. For months I have been debating how to get this going. So today I start!

As previously stated, I’m Megan. 29 years old and living in North Carolina. I like to think I am a true southerner but the truth is…I’m from Buffalo, NY. Thats right people, it snows like crazy there! I’ve been in NC for over six years.

I met my now husband the week I moved to NC. Needless to say it was meant to be and love at first sight! (insert cheeseball face)


Ever since my hubby and I found out we were expecting it was to the internet I went! Searching Blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, you name it! I’ve found some great people that have some REAL advice/knowledge. So now I’d like to think I can do the same!

I’m a hands on, over protective, big time worrier, control freak of a mom. But our daughter is our entire world and so happy. So I must be doing something correct, right?! But let me tell you…it isn’t easy. Despite the challenges, a glass of Prosecco can always bring me back to the bubbly (pun intended) self that makes me, ME!

In my blog I hope to bring it back to the beginning, give everyone my steps and routines that gave our daughter (oh and my husband) the structure and tools to be healthy, growing, safe and not TOO crazy.

Along the way, I will for sure deviate into some beauty tips, products and fashion. Let’s be honest…I’m OBSESSED!

I for sure, do not have all the answers….but what I’ll be posting worked for my family.

Should anything spark your interest or thought, reach out and let’s chat!

So sit back and open up a bottle of LaMarca- my fave Prosecco!


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