Baby Food

When we were pregnant with Julianna both my husband and I knew we wanted to make our own baby food. I remember our “to do” list before she arrived. Making baby food and freezing it was last on the list. But I actually, surprisingly, made it to the end of the list the week she was born and was able to freeze baby food prior to her arrival.

this was day 4 of solids- butternut squash!

First off, the baby food I made was EXTREMELY easy and not fancy by any means. I used a ninja the entire time her food was pureed. Here is the link to the one we have:

photo from

We still have and use this ninja for other things, too! We actually bought the ninja well before we even started trying for a baby. So I swear by my ninja!

Like I said up above, nothing fancy! It is super simple…just cook everything and then puree! Here are some combo ideas once you have tried each food separately:

  • apple/banana
  • spinach/sweet potato
  • peas/carrots
  • butternut squash/green beans
  • peach/plum
  • peach/banana/apple
  • strawberry/banana
  • avocado/banana
  • avocado/strawberry
  • strawberry/blueberry/raspberry
  • pear (I don’t think we mixed anything with pear)
  • strawberry/peanut butter (baby PB & J)

Tips: Cook squash in slow cooker on low for 4-6 hours and then puree (if you buy whole). We bought frozen and fresh veggies. So do whatever works best for you! I would make big batches and freeze but you could also just make it as you go. I would also bake the apples and then puree. They may need some water when you puree. You can add water to the ninja, in general, if you feel the mixture needs some moisture. In my opinion, making your own saves money!

So now you are thinking how did you store/freeze what you pre-made?! Well if you have read any of my posts you know I am an amazon lover so of course I got everything, mostly, on amazon. I used an “ice cube tray” and would freeze the food and then transfer into freezer ziplock bags. Here is the link and then see the picture below.

OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray with Protective Cover
photo from

I also used OXO Tot Baby Blocks freezer containers. These were great and one of my favorites. You can leave the food in the containers and put it right into the freezer and just pull it out when you want to use it. We even use these containers today to pack lunch for day care. Here is the link:

photo from

We also used the Munchkin Fresh Food Freezer Cups (another one of my favorites) which you can use just like the OXO. We also still use these today to pack lunch for daycare. Link:

Freezer™ Silicone Storage Cups
photo from

As always, now is the time to go fill your glass of Prosecco!

Cheers, Megan xoxo

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