Self Tanner How To!

Now that the weather is HOT (here in the South) here is a quick guide on self tanner how to!

First off, I use St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse and it is the BEST! My tan is never orange and is always very natural looking. It is about $44 on amazon. You may think that is a bit expensive BUT one bottle should last you quite awhile depending on how often you use it. You can also get it during the winter for about $30 on amazon. So be strategic!

Okay here goes……

  1. Shower first! Do your norm but no fancy body wash!
  2. No lotion post shower other than a little bit on your knees and elbows. I do my normal face moisturizer routine.
  3. Using your mitt (yes, you need to get this) pump once and start on one leg doing small circular motions making sure to cover all the areas!
  4. I like to work my way from my legs all the way up to my face. I do my feet but not my toes. I also do up to my wrists and not my hands/fingers. This is really up to you though!
  5. The amount of pumps you use is also your preference. I do 1 pump for the bottom of each of my legs, 2-3 pumps for each of my thighs, 1-2 for my stomach, 1-2 for lower back, 1-2 for chest, 1-2 for upper back, 2 for my whole arm, and about 1 pump for my face.
  6. USE THE MITT and cover all areas!

At first, you may feel a bit sticky. Honestly, that doesn’t last long at all. When I do self tanner I usually get ready right after and I am completely dry by the time I am dressed. You can use your blow dryer on your skin to speed this up!

St. Tropez is so great for so many reasons. One is that it washes out! It has gotten on my sheets and literally no biggie! So you can get dressed after application!

When should you apply self tanner? This is completely up to you! My favorite time to do it is at night right before bed. This way the self tanner has all night to “sink in.” The bottle says to wash it off after three hours but I never follow those rules. I want all the tan! 🙂

Here is the link to St. Tropez:

And to the Mitt:

Now, go buy St. Tropez and fill up your Prosecco glass!

Cheers, Megan xoxox

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