Preserving your Fall Gourds!

As always, DISCLAIMER!! I did not come up with this way to preserve gourds. I searched it on the internet and I am just sharing what I thought was doable and easy!

We all know Fall is here! It seems like all of the Fall decorations, clothes, etc. have been out since August! Way too early if you ask me! This week Julianna and I went to the Apple Orchard. We sampled apples, played on the playground, and of course bought a “few” things.

I knew I wanted to get gourds at some point this Fall. Each year I am hesitant, though, because they never last. They rot and look gross! So I knew this year I was going to make an effort to preserve them in order for them to last until Thanksgiving. So to the internet I went!

Some methods were easier than others. I went with the easiest option. Here are the things you will need:

  1. bleach
  2. water
  3. vaseline
  4. tub/kitchen sink

I chose to just use my kitchen sink to soak the gourds in. But that is up to you! Okay, first step: fill up your kitchen sink with 10 parts water and 1 part bleach. Put the gourds face down and set the timer for ten minutes! Depending on how big your gourds are you may need to rotate them and do another ten minutes. See my picture below:

Nothing fancy!

Next Step: Once you are done soaking the gourds place them on a paper towel. Dry them off. Then, rub vaseline all over them using a cloth.

Last Step: Let them “dry” and that is it!!

It was so easy! The only thing- we will have to wait and see if this method actually works! I will keep y’all posted! Here is my final product:

It is about that time. Go fill up your glass! I know I am!

Cheers, Megan xoxo

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