Spooooooktacular Dinner Party

I don’t know about you but I love getting into the holiday spirit! I feel like Halloween is just the kickstart to it all! We recently had friends over for a Dinner Party and it was all spooky theme! So I wanted to share with you just in time for Halloween this week!

We started off with some spoooooky appetizers! We made an entire charcuterie spread which included “mummy” brie! See picture below.

The mummy brie was such a hit and it was so easy to make! All I did was buy the brie and a puff pastry. I cut strips of the puff pastry, wrapped it around the brie, and then baked it for 20 minutes at 400 degrees! I put some raspberry jelly for blood and olives for the eyes! Sooo spoooooky!

Another spooky appetizer we served was spider queso! See the picture below!

I just used bell peppers for the legs! You could really put any dip in the bread!

For dinner, it was difficult to find spooooooky things. So we just made bacon wrapped green beans, mac ‘n cheese, and beef tenderloin sliders! Simple yet so good!

Finally, I made a graveyard Oreo Dirt Cake! It turned out so spooooky! See below!

I mean how cool is this?! I can’t decide if this was my favorite or the mummy brie!

I also made a Fall Sangria which was so good! It was a quick and easy recipe. Just six cups apple cider, one bottle of Pinot Grigio, and one cup of Caramel Vodka! So tasty! And of course I had spooooooky cups to serve it in!

Overall, it was a great night spent with friends! We recently moved into a new house and our neighbors have become great friends so fast! We are beyond thankful and blessed!

Whoa, this might be my longest blog post yet!

It is that time…go fill up your glass of prosecco!

Cheers, Megan xoxo

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