At Home Gel Manicure

Well it has been awhile since I did a Blog Post! I took a break from blogging/social media, but have been back to it now for a few weeks. With everything going on and not being able to go out, I figured it was the perfect time to dedicate a post to an at home gel manicure!

Full disclosure (as always) I am no expert. This is what I have found that works for me!

Here are a few tips before you get started:

Tip 1: Less is more with gel. Do not use too much polish.

Tip 2: Start your manicure by wiping your nails with rubbing alcohol and end it with wiping them again.

Tip 3: Try to avoid getting polish on your cuticles. This leads to easy peeling.

First off, you need an LED UV Nail Lamp. Second, prep your nails like you normally would i.e. file, clip, cuticles, etc. Then follow these guidelines below:

Using a cotton ball rub each nail with rubbing alcohol.

Use the gel base coat and put hand under lamp for 60 seconds.

Put your first coat of color on your nail (remember less is more) and put it under the lamp for 60 seconds.

Apply your second coat of color and you guessed it put it under the lamp for 60 seconds.

Lastly, put on your gel top coat. You will then put it under the lamp for two rounds of 60 seconds.

Finally, rub each nail with another round of rubbing alcohol. This solidifies the gel nail polish.

And that is it! It lasts just as long as if you went to the salon! It has taken me awhile to find a good base and top coat. I found all my items on amazon! See this link for all products!

As always, go get that glass of prosecco!

Cheers, Megan xoxo

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