Pink Blush

Pink Blush recently sent me a beautiful item. It is the perfect piece to transition to Fall. It can be worn with shorts, jeans, and leggings! It is so versatile and so comfortable. And who can resist polka dots?! The quality of the sweater is amazing too! It also comes in grey.

Get this sweater here
A perfect transition to Fall look with booties!

If you haven’y shopped with PinkBlush before you should check out their site. I first came across it when I was pregnant. They have amazing maternity clothes! They are so cute and make you feel beautiful!

PinkBlush also has great quality items for non expecting ladies, too. There are so many items to select from. You can fill up your cart before you know it!

Check out their site

Now go fill up your glass of Prosecco!

Cheers, Megan xoxo

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Who else always leaves one or two bananas just on the table or counter to turn brown? ME! I have a tendency to always leave that one or two to just “ripen” and then never use it. I even am a smoothie girl and sometimes let the bananas go too long that I won’t even put it in my smoothie. I know I sound totally ridiculous.

So this morning Julianna was eating her breakfast, and there was that one lonely brown banana on our kitchen table. So I decided to use it to make muffins!

The recipe called for two ripe bananas so I cut it in half. (I only had one) The recipe also called for blueberries but I put chocolate chips in! We whipped them right up!

These are ideal for breakfast (obviously), snack, or on the go! Which is perfect for adults or toddlers! They are pretty healthy, too! Disclaimer- not perfectly healthy but also not the worst.

Here is the link I got the recipe from- keeping in mind I did chocolate chips and cut it half.

And there you have it! So easy and good! Also, the perfect solution to not wasting that last banana or two!

It is about that time! Fill up your glass!

Cheers, Megan xoxo

My Favorite “New” Beauty Products!

If you have read some of my other posts, you know I am ALL about products. Less is not more in my opinion. I have recently added some new products to the line up that I am obsessing over. So of course I wanted to share!

First up is my new concealer. It is Tarte’s Shape Tape Contour Concealer. I am in love! It brightens my under eyes and covers up pimples so well. It is on the pricey side, but well worth it! I got it with a coupon at Ulta for 20% off. Sign up for the emails if you haven’t already. Here is the link.

Next up, Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I do not use this every day but when I need my eyeshadow to last longer than usual, I apply! It really does work like potion, as it says in its name. It goes on so smooth and I really see a difference in my eyeshadow. Not only does it POP, it lasts/stays fresh all day! Get it here.

Third is Loreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara! This mascara makes my lashes long and full! I felt like I could never really find the best mascara. But, I will look no more because this product is a dream! Here it is.

Next, is Elf’s Smooth and Set Eye Powder. It is so affordable and works beyond amazing! I got the color sheer which is white. But, it goes on so flawlessly and leaves my skin not shiny at all. It also sets my concealer extremely well. I am in love with this product and did I mention the price?! (I know I did!) Click to shop.

Last up, my face moisturizer. I’ve been using Simple Hydrating Gel Cream. Now, I shared this awhile back in my all time fave beauty products. If you watched my Instagram stories, I mentioned I had only been using it for about a week. Now that I have been using it for awhile, I can officially say how much I love it. It is so hydrating in all the right spots. I also literally use a pea size amount! Go for it.

I hope you enjoyed my round up! Now, go get some La Marca!

Cheers, Megan xoxo

Oatmeal Bites!

Julianna loves breakfast! She always has! That is one meal we have never had any “trouble” with. So lately I’ve been thinking, I should try some new breakfast ideas. So of course, to Pinterest I went!

Her new favorite is oatmeal. I think she likes it so much because she now can spoon all of the bowl by herself! Such a big girl. So I explored some oatmeal options and came across these oatmeal bites. Side Note- I did not come up with this recipe and will link the actual page for you to view!

They were a HIT! I let her try it while I was rolling the balls. She kept asking for more! They were a great snack today, too! These would be perfect for breakfast, on the go breakfast, or just a snack! They are healthy, too! (we use Natural PB)

Need some other basic breakfast ideas? Here are some of our go to’s:

  • Whole Wheat English Muffin
  • Waffle
  • Blueberry Bagel
  • Mini Egg Muffins (she still won’t ear eggs)
  • Oatmeal- mix your favorite fruit (we love banana and cinnamon)
  • PB Toast and banana

What are some of your favorite toddler breakfasts?!

As always, go fill your glass up!

Cheers, Megan xoxo

4th of July Desserts

If ya’ll are like me I love all things Holiday! (My husband not so much) So with the 4th coming up of course I am going to be making some holiday themed desserts to go with my outfit! (If you missed my blog post about 4th of July outfits go check it out!)

Now, let’s be real. I do not think up of my own recipes. But I am a great recipe follower!

So here is a quick round up of some great recipes I found! Note-these are not mine and will give credit to those who need it!

Stars and Stripes Chex Mix-

I made this one today, actually! It is quick, easy, simple and very good! Link-

Patriotic Oreos

Patriotic Oreos

Patriotic Pretzel Rods

Red, White and Blue M&M Cookie Bars

S’mores Bars

Flag Cake (my fave)

Rice Krispie Treats

#4thofJuly #fourthofjuly #4thofJulyTreats #RiceKrispieTreats #4thofJulyDesserts #4thofJulyFood

I hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July! Don’t forget your glass of Prosecco!

Cheers, Megan xoxo

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4th of July Looks!

I am starting to get really excited for the 4th of July! Julianna is old enough this year to actually do some fun activities! I don’t think we will take her to see fireworks, but I do think we will picnic and playground it!

Here are my favorite 4th of July looks! Hopefully it will inspire you!

This first look is simple, basic, cute, and patriotic! Perfect for any 4th of July activity!

Tee from Old Navy

This second look is all from LOFT! The tank is so soft and the shorts are super comfy! I tied the tank to the side, but you could tuck it in. You could also pair this tank with jean shorts! So cute!

Okay ya’ll I saved my absolute favorite for last! (I know, I am only doing three looks because I could go on forever if I didn’t stop!) Lastly, a romper from the Pink Lily Boutique. Check out their website, THE BEST! I will most likely be wearing this one on the 4th of July! This romper would be great for anything that you do on the 4th!

Side Note- you could really wear anything red, white and blue (obviously)! I also think gingham and white shorts would be cute, too!

Happy Fourth of July! Now go celebrate with a glass of Prosecco!

Cheers, Megan xoxo


As always, here is my disclaimer. I am by no means an expert or a licensed nail technician. What I am about to share is what works for me!

For as long as I can remember I have always painted my nails and took care of them. I cut, file and trim my cuticles. Here are some easy tips that work for me:

  1. Always take off nail polish before getting in the shower. Nail polish remover is so strong. So I have always felt like showering right after really gets the remover all off. Here is the remover I use.
  2. Remove cuticles when soft, most likely after your shower. Be careful the tool can be sharp. I use the Revlon cuticle remover and have for as long as I can remember.
  3. Next, file and cut your nails. Only cut if you really need to.
  4. Put on some Burts Bees Cuticle Cream. Ya’ll this stuff is the best!
  5. Okay, you are ready for polish! Obviously I can’t pick your color! (See some of my faves below) Always do a clear base coat, two coats of your color (unless you feel the color needs more), and then one top coat. Here is my absolute favorite top coat-

Now, you just have to let them dry. That top coat actually dries pretty fast! Some of my favorite polishes are:

-OPI Be There in a Prosecco (obvs!)

-OPI Bubble Bath

-Essie Gel Couture Wearing Hue?

-Essie Gel Couture Pre-Show Jitters

-Essie Fiji

-OPI Aurora Berry-alis

-OPI You Don’t Know Jacques!

-OPI O Suzi Mio

As you can see it is really nothing fancy! Side Note- I also love to go get gel manicures! 🙂

Now go fill up your glass of bubbles! I have Sparkling Rose tonight!!

Cheers, Megan xoxo

LOFT Links (and one Nordstrom)

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